24 Hour Car Rentals Kitchener & Cambridge

24 Hour Car Rentals Kitchener & Cambridge

Xtreme Car Rentals provides like new, clean and dependable rental 24-hour car rentals that you can depend on for all of your rental needs. We strive to provide a professional environment that caters to the elite needs of all of our customers and this begins by recognizing that the need for a rental could arise at the last minute and if so, our rental specialists are available to service those needs. Friendly service, convenience options and competitive rates are the basis of our rental programs and with our friendly staff on hand, customer satisfaction is a guaranteed experience with each rental.

The foundation of 24-hour car rentals was designed and built on the rental needs and requests of our customers and our desire to accommodate those needs successfully. The car rental market is a large one and we understand that customers can go anywhere they choose. Therefore, we give them every reason to choose Car Rentals each time they need to reserve a rental vehicle. Premier and elite service techniques are the prime of our company because happy customers are important to us.

Life happens when you least expect it and at times, when you’re least prepared. If the need for a rental vehicle arises after regular business hours, our 24-hour car rental option is just for you. Safety and comfort is a concern that we have with all of our customers and if you’re stranded without a vehicle, we work diligently to turn a negative circumstance into a positive. Rental specialists are trained to work efficiently and swiftly to reserve your rental and get you on the road again. Our rental fleet is above quality and readily available to meet your travel needs. The rental specialists work with you from start to finish.

• Answer all questions

• Match you with appropriate vehicle

• Available throughout duration of rental

Contact us today to accommodate your 24-hour rental needs. Any time is a great time to call.