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Car Rentals in Kitchener

If you live in the Kitchener area and you are looking for a quality car rental company, then you should choose Xtreme Car Rentals. Our elite rental agency is committed to offering our customers the most professional and most quality rental experience. Our team makes it their goal to make sure there is an available vehicle that will suit your needs, whether it is a full sized SUV, family sedan, or a smaller fuel efficient car. We can also provide you with a minivan if you are on a business trip or a family vacation. At Xtreme Car Rentals Kitchener, we will set you up with quality transportation that covers you from the time you arrive to the time you depart.

Our team of qualified representatives at Xtreme Car Rental Kitchener will assist you in reserving a vehicle that best suits your need for the kind of trip you are on. We can answer any questions you have regarding the mileage, fuel economy, and the comfort and features of your required rental vehicle; our rental specialists are very qualified and knowledgeable. Xtreme Car Rentals Kitchener has a few rental categories with numerous vehicles available in each category that can suit your needs; SUV rentals, Minivan rentals, Car rentals.

Xtreme Car Rentals take pride in our Kitchener residents, and want to put them into the vehicles that they require at the best rates possible. You can speak with our knowledgeable representatives about any promotions that are in place to make your rental experience more convenient. Xtreme Car Rentals Kitchener offers a Web Discount Program that provides substantial discounts on some of our rental vehicles. We also offer a Customer Pickup and Return Program that is free of charge and is meant to reduce the stress of our customers as they organize transportation to and from our offices.

The need for a rental vehicle can arise when you least expect it, or when you need the security and confidence in knowing you have transportation during a vacation or business trip. At Xtreme Car Rentals Kitchener, our representatives take care of our customers and make the rental process as simple as possible for you.

You can call us or visit us today and speak with one of our experienced representatives to reserve a rental vehicle that works for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

How to Economize on the Road

Xtreme Car Rental, your source for cheap car rentals in Kitchener!

When you’re heading out on the road, whether it’s a 6 hour drive or a journey that will be days, there are important things you can take into consideration to cut costs on the road. A little planning and strategizing can go a long way when it comes to orchestrating an inexpensive trip.

Here are a few things you can do to keep costs at bay while not compromising on the trip!

Find a cheap car rental in Kitchener

A cheap car rental in Kitchener is the first thing you want to think about when travelling on a budget. Car rentals are associated with being expensive but in truth, it’s completely possible to find an affordable rate when you seek out a reputable local company.

Xtreme Car Rental prides itself on giving its customers a quality selection of options when it comes to cheap car rentals in Kitchener. Our goal is to ensure that you have a vehicle that accommodates your needs and trip objectives.

Plan your route

Aside from finding a cheap car rental in Kitchener, planning your route can help you significantly cut costs. It can help you determine where the least expensive gas stations are, the best places to stop for food or lodging. It can even give you a chance to see if you can get away with packing all of your own food and snacks for the journey!

Plus, if you know your route and you’re armed with a cheap car rental from Kitchener…

❏     You can choose from fuel efficient car options before your trip

❏     You won’t have to worry about car problems — since we give our cars a fine tune up before you go out on the road

❏     You will have the flexibility on where to go sightseeing

❏     You’ll lessen the chances of getting lost!

Other ways to save during long distance road trips, especially in the summertime include: bringing camping equipment, packing long-term, bringing cooking supplies and finding affordable entertainment along the way!

Looking to go on a road trip anytime soon? Xtreme Car Rental has cheap car rentals in Kitchener to help you economize on the road. Visit us today!