Car Rentals Kitchener & Waterloo

Car Rentals Kitchener & Waterloo

Travel is a necessary and highly involved part of everyday life and it is important that qualitytransportation is available when needed. Many people rely on the convenience of car rentals to help them accomplish personal and business tasks throughout the day. Family travel, business trips, temporary replacement vehicle and many other scenarios often result in the need to rent a vehicle. Once this time arrives, it is crucial to have an experienced rental company that cares about customers and their needs. Customer service, affordability and quality car rentals are the leading characteristics of a quality rental company.

The need to rent a vehicle can arrive at any time. Some people have weeks or months to plan for the occasion and reserve the vehicle ahead of time, while others may have to rent at the last minute. Regardless of the time frame, friendly customer service should not only be expected, it should be demanded. Customers should feel confident that they are receiving knowledgeable and honest information about their rental agreement and customer service representatives are entitled to make this happen. A professional car rental company is always the best option for renters.

Xtreme Car Rentals makes certain that all rentals are affordable by making sure there is a vehicle to fit every budget. Our category of vehicles is designed to accommodate single passengers, families and groups. All vehicles are serviced and sealed with certified inspection points prior to the rental. In addition to competitive rates, we offer additional programs for the benefit and convenience of our customers.

• Web Discount Program

• Free Customer Pick-Up & Return Program

Our team understands the importance of having a quality selection to choose from and therefore, we make it possible to choose from small, mid-size to luxury sedans when renting.

Contact Xtreme Car Rentals today to reserve your next rental and a reservation specialist will be happy to assist you.