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Rental Cars in Waterloo

Travel is a very important and in some cases necessary part of everyday life. It would be beneficial to someone that travels often to have a reliable car rental company they can use to accommodate their travel needs. This is where Xtreme Car Rentals Waterloo comes in. We can help get into a vehicle that suits your needs, whether it be, personal travel, family vacation or a business trip, we have what you need. We care about our customers and their needs, and we pride ourselves on giving our customers the most professional and friendly customer service. We provide friendly customer service, affordability, and quality rental cars for our customers in the Waterloo area and abroad.

The need to reserve a rental vehicle can arise at any time. Some people have plenty of time and plan ahead to reserve their vehicle for whatever kind of trip they are taking. Other people have a situation that pops up out of nowhere, and they need a rental vehicle right away. Regardless of the situation, a customer should always be provided with quality and effective customer service. A client should also feel comfortable knowing they are getting honest and reliable information about their rental agreement, and our representatives at Rental Cars Waterloo are dedicated to making this happen.

Xtreme Car Rentals Waterloo takes pride in providing clients with affordable rentals that fit their budget and logistical needs. Our fleet of vehicles can accommodate groups of passengers, families and single passengers, and all of our vehicles are inspected and certified regularly. In addition to our already competitive rates, we offer a few special programs and incentives that our customers can take advantage of.

  • Web Discount Program
  • Free Customer Pickup and Return Program

Rental Cars in Waterloo knows how important it is for a client to have variety in their choice of rental vehicle. You can choose from mi-size, full-size and luxury sedans when renting a vehicle.

Contact the representatives at Xtreme Car Rentals Waterloo to reserve your rental vehicle today and take advantage of our customer benefit programs.