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If you are living in the Cambridge or surrounding area and you are looking for reliable car rental company in Cambridge, we recommend that you contact Xtreme Car Rentals today. Xtreme Car Rentals is the company for you if you are looking for reliability, quality, customer service, and vehicle selection. We can get you behind the wheel of a vehicle that suits your needs at a very reasonable rate. The car rental Cambridge process should never be stressful, if you are travelling for business, vacationing with friends or family, expecting visiting family and need an extra vehicle, or need a luxury vehicle for an event, the reservation process should be quick and stress free, and that is what Xtreme Car Rentals can guarantee. We provide our customers with a huge selection of vehicles of all kinds so that you can choose the vehicle that will best suit your rental needs. If you are travelling solo or you have family or friends on board, our fleet of vehicles are designed to take care of you and your precious cargo.

Dedicated Customer Service:

The representatives at Xtreme Car Rentals are thoroughly trained and very experienced with industry standards and processes. Part of the training program that our associates go through includes effective customer service practices, so we can better serve our valued clients. When you arrive at an Xtreme Car Rentals location, or you have reached us by phone, you will be met with a friendly and helpful representative that will be happy to assist you with your car rental Cambridge. We understand that you would like to get on your way in the quickest amount of time possible, and we can definitely help you out with that.

Our Fleet of Quality Vehicles:

The fleet of vehicles at Xtreme Car Rentals go through routine inspections to ensure that they continue to meet all safety and quality standards by law. We provide our clients with vehicles that they can have confidence in driving off our lot. Xtreme Car Rentals has a few categories of vehicles that our clients can choose from depending on their car rental Cambridge needs:

  • Mid-size sedan
  • Full-size sedan
  • SUV
  • Minivan
  • Luxury vehicle

Xtreme Car Rentals is prepared to make all of client’s car rental Cambridge experiences as pleasurable as possible. We provide convenience and affordability to all of our valued clients, and your best interests are in the limelight at Xtreme Car Rentals. You can ask us about our incentive and promotions, and we encourage our customers to take advantage of our Web Discount Program to save on your car rental in Cambridge. If you are needing reliable transportation and you are looking for a reputable car rental Cambridge company that provides this, consider Xtreme Car Rentals. Please continue to browse through our website for more information, or you can contact us via phone or email.