Car Rental In Waterloo


Book a car rental and fully explore both Waterloo’s well-known attractions and the hidden gems many visitors miss.

Car Rental In Waterloo

Are you visiting our great city of Waterloo and are looking for reliable transport to get around and enjoy the city’s many attractions?

Or, perhaps you are a native of Waterloo and need temporary transportation because your car is out of service or undergoing repairs?

There are many ways to commute within and between Waterloo and the cities of Kitchener and Cambridge, including the Grand River Transit bus service. But for convenience and freedom of movement, nothing beats a car rental.

Why A Waterloo Car Rental Makes Perfect Sense

There ‘s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy the freedom of movement locals enjoy when you visit Waterloo. Yes, hailing a taxi works and will get you from the airport to your hotel.

But imagine how convenient it would be to simply reach for your keys on impulse and driving to the must-visit St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market & Flea Market or the world-renowned THEMUSEUM in the twin city of Kitchener than calling and waiting for a taxi?

Convenience aside, renting a car in Waterloo can save you money too. With your transport sorted, you can use a hotel that’s farther out from the city center where rates are cheaper.

Explore Waterloo’s Hidden Gems With An Extreme Car Rental

We have a lot to see and do in Waterloo. In between your business meetings, we encourage you to visit our many attractions. Some are hidden gems that would be hard to get to without your own transport.

To fully explore and tap into the vibe of a city, you have to avoid the beaten path and check out the cozy but hidden spots the tourist crowd hasn’t caught onto. In Waterloo, we have many such places:

Enjoy a delicious coffee at the alluring Timeless Cafe that’s housed in a beautifully aged old-hen house whose walls have heard our city’s greatest folktales retold countless times.

If you’re all about fresh, locally sourced food and fair-trade coffee served on large, communal tables that encourage friendly chatter, drive to the Seven Shores Community Cafe. There are enough power sockets to plug into, should you want to catch up on work.

Any visit to a new city will quickly fade out of memory if you don’t bring back a cool t-shirt, vintage scarf, or antique. Drive your rental car down to the St. Jacobs Flea Market, where a cool find is waiting for you.

Why Choose Extreme for Your Next Car Rental In Waterloo?

Would you book your car rental with a multi-national car hire company whose local knowledge is no better than yours over a local, family-owned and operated business?

Besides the noble cause of supporting the local economy, we can think of other reasons for renting local. By using Extreme Car Rentals, you’ll enjoy more personalized service and better recommendations of local places of interest, among other benefits.

There is no glossing over it. A dirty, unsanitary, old vehicle with dated upholstery isn’t how travelers want to remember their car rental in Waterloo. If the car doesn’t measure up, everything else we do won’t matter.

At Extreme Car Rentals, we maintain a large fleet of luxury town cars and SUVs for those looking for sophistication and comfort, compact fuel savers for budget travelers, and trucks for off-road tours of the Tri-city’s backcountry.

Our rental cars are equipped with the latest navigation and infotainment systems to help you find your way and make the most of your rental. Our rental vehicles are detail-cleaned from the interior to the bodywork after every rental, with the dashboard and other commonly touched areas sanitized to kill all germs and transmittable viruses.

Rent A Car With Waterloo’s Fast-Growing Car Rental Company

Extreme Car Rentals has some of Waterloo’s highest customer satisfaction rates, which show in the many repeat bookings we enjoy. Rent a car with us on your next holiday or business trip in the tri-cities of Waterloo, Kitchener, and Cambridge.